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VOL.8 Février 2016
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New Frontiers in Exports
China sends railway, nuclear power and other equipment to foreign markets
 Yuan Catalyst
A yuan cross-border interbank payment system is expected to accelerate the currency’s quest to go international
 Seizing the Golden Opportunity
 Mediation in Motion
First Sino-African arbitration centers set up in Shanghai and Johannesburg
 Setting Sail
China’s fledgling cruise industry set to make a splash as travelers search for more relaxing vacation options
 Yuan Devaluation - Impact on Africa
More than the movements of the yuan, every African ministry of finance and central bank should be carefully watching the movements in the determinants of Chinese growth.
more Business
-Yuan Catalyst
-Seizing the Golden Opportunity
-Mediation in Motion
-Setting Sail
-Yuan Devaluation - Impact on Africa
-Long-Term Vision
-The Manufacturing Shift
-Identity Crisis
-Spreading Wings
-Navigating Growth Prospects
-Moderate Yuan Depreciation
-Investment Injection
-Zero Tariff Controversy
-Gateways to Investment
-Fair Opportunity
-Giving Back
-Field of Dreams
-Bankingon China for Change
-Gaining Currency
-In Law We Trust
-Flying High
-Smart Revolution
-Ethiopian Airlines Joins Hands with Union Pay International forEasy Online Payment
-Suited and Booted
-Digital Dragons
-A Change in Value
-Ethiopian Airlines Secures Successful Yemen Evacuation
-Evolution, Not Exodus
-High Risk, High Gain
-Keeping the Slowdown In Check
-Who's Best for Business?
-Ethiopian Airlines Forecast 2015
-On Target
-The Iron Assistant
-A Blessing in Disguise?
-Going Green
-Get Smart
-Tracking the Economy
-Sending Strong Signals
-Big Data, Better Decision
-Pointing the Way Forward
-Holding Promise
-A Positive Change
-Streamlined System
-Alliance Between Giants

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Company Profile
-Investing in Africa’s Future
-Flying into Africa
-Putting Their Best Foot Forward
-Going the Distance
China Econometer
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Business Ease
-Identifying Chinese Suppliers in a Competitive Market
-Made in China: Still a Complex Scenario
-China’s Mining Sector an Opportunity for Africa
-Why China Remains a Major Sourcing Destination
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