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VOL.8 Février 2016
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Company Profile


Shape Up or Ship Out
Shipping giant COSCO prepares to restructure its assets
 Investing in Africa’s Future
A Chinese property developer invests billions of dollars in Johannesburg to build the “New York of Africa”
 Flying into Africa
AVIC seeks a multinational development strategy
 Putting Their Best Foot Forward
Chinese shoe manufacturer establishes a successful operation in Ethiopia
 Going the Distance
A telemedicine company uses technology to meet Africa's rural medical needs with prime health care
 Taking on Emerging Markets
A Chinese air conditioner brand is growing dynamically in emerging markets
more Company Profile
-Investing in Africa’s Future
-Flying into Africa
-Putting Their Best Foot Forward
-Going the Distance
-Taking on Emerging Markets
-Building Quality
-Plowing Ahead
-Riding on a Green Dream
-The Chery on Top
-A Cultural Gem
-Getting the Balance Right
-Long Term Commitment
-Taking a Noble Approach
-Tuning Into Africa
-Providing for the Future
-In the Driving Seat
-Spreading Its Wings
-Success Through the Grapevine
-Endless Horizons
-Putting Its Best Foot Forward
-Nuclear Confidence
-Non-Ferrous Metal Giant Develops Effective Business Model
-Going Green & Going Far
-Global Expansion Platform Set For Metal Giant
-Global Vision
-Closing the Gap
-Buying a Better Brew
-Glitter & Glitz
-Delivering the Goods
-Brand Consciousness
-Cheer for Beer
-Pharmaceutical Scramble




Company Profile
-Investing in Africa’s Future
-Flying into Africa
-Putting Their Best Foot Forward
-Going the Distance
China Econometer
-November 2014
-September 2014
-August 2014
-July 2014
Business Ease
-Identifying Chinese Suppliers in a Competitive Market
-Made in China: Still a Complex Scenario
-China’s Mining Sector an Opportunity for Africa
-Why China Remains a Major Sourcing Destination
Business Briefs
-September 2015
-October 2015
-September 2015
-August 2015





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