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VOL.8 Février 2016
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Heartfelt Work
More and more Chinese students are working as volunteers in Africa to dispel stereotypes and know the real people
 Cashing in on culture
 Talent on Show
Young Zimbabwean performers get exposure on Chinese stages
 Enter the Lions
China’s famous Shaolin Temple is teaching kungfu
to African disciples
 Monastic Musings
Ta’er Monastery provides majestic experience of spiritual worship
 Robot Revolution
Article-writing automaton sparks fear among journalists
more Lifestyle
-Cashing in on culture
-Talent on Show
-Enter the Lions
-Monastic Musings
-Robot Revolution
-Museum Further Informs History
-The Chinese Renaissance
-A Dream Come True
-A Lasting Legacy
-Boundless Passion
-A Class Act
-Voice of China
-Creative Crossover
-A Cultural Paradise
-Carnival Delights
-Doctor Without Borders
-Braid and Butter
-The Art of Training
-Determined to Succeed
-A Bite of Chinese Food Culture
-Back to Nature
-WeChat Will Rock You
-A Family of Dancers
-A Game Plan
-A for Alibaba
-Ballet Across Borders
-Seen Through Other Eyes
-Life Through a Lens
-A Blockbuster Business
-Revisiting Cultural Quanzhou
-A New Start, Chinese Way
-Bowled by Old
-Protecting the Vulnerable
-The Meow Factor
-The Bridge Builder
-A Creative Collaboration
-Culture and Communication
-Tracking Progress
-Going off the Beaten Track
-Live and Kicking
-Picture Perfect
-The Write Way to Communicate
-Exhibiting Friendship
-Chinese Connection
-Shifting Stereotypes

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Double Take
Science and Technology
-Test Tube Miracles
-Top Gong for H-Bomb Scientist
-Breathe Easy
-Efficient Energy
-Marriage in Burundi
-Depicting Africa
-Drawing Inspiration from China
-African Achievement



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