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VOL.8 Février 2016
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Cover Story
Message From President Xi Jinping on ChinAfrica FOCAC Summit Special Issue
Message From President Jacob Zuma on ChinAfrica FOCAC Summit Special Issue
Special Report more
FOCAC - Friends With Benefits
-Building on Past Achievements for a Brighter Future
-Advancing Agricultural Cooperation
-Cultural Exchanges: A Crucial Bond of Friendship
-Deepening China-Africa Cooperation, Benefiting People’s Health
China Report more
China uses big data to free 70 million people from poverty by 2020
-Winning Foreign Hearts
-The Powerof Tradition
-Magic in Malawi
Africa Report more
Getting Connected
Chinese technology helps upgrade Cameroon telecom sector
-Making a Difference
-Trust or Bust
-Time is Running Out
Business more
Setting Sail
China’s fledgling cruise industry set to make a splash as travelers search for more relaxing vacation options
-Seizing the Golden Opportunity
-Mediation in Motion
-Yuan Devaluation - Impact on Africa
China Econometer more
-November 2014
-September 2014
-August 2014
Business Briefs more
-September 2015
-October 2015
-September 2015
Q & A Quotes of the Month Newsmakers
Business Ease more
-Identifying Chinese Suppliers in a Competitive Market
-Made in China: Still a Complex Scenario
-China’s Mining Sector an Opportunity for Africa
Company Profile more
-Investing in Africa’s Future
-Flying into Africa
-Putting Their Best Foot Forward
Pros and Cons more
Can E-Shoppers Return Items Removed From Packaging?
-Should the Toll Period for Highways Be Extended?
-Who raised my drug price?
-Do Buyers Deserve the Same Fate as Child Traffickers?
Opinions more
-QE Questioned
-Africa's Growth Pulse
-State Councilor Yang Jiechi’s Interview
Newsmakers more
-March 2015
-June 2014
-May 2014
Book Reviews more
-November 2015
-October 2015
-September 2015
Services more
Living in China
Learning Chinese
Measures and Regulations
China ABC
Through My Eyes
November 2015
October 2015
September 2015
The Latest Headlines more
-President Xi Addresses Second World Internet Conference
-China Welcomes Paris Climate Change Agreement
-China Makes Active Contribution for Breakthrough at Paris Climate Talks
CPC Special more
-CPC Catch Phrases: A Culturally Advanced Nation
-CPC Catch Phrases: National Pooling of Basic Pension Funds
-CPC Catch Phrases:Five in One
From the Editor more
-December 2015
-November 2015
-October 2015
African Voices more
-In the Dark
-High Stakes for Egypt
-Chinese Hospitality Breaks Down Barriers
Africa-China Young Leaders Forum
Africa-China Young Leaders Forum to Strengthen Ties
Top legislator Wu Bangguo's hopes for youth forum
Exclusives more
ChinAfrica Staffer Wins "Chinese Dream" Photo Award
-Cameroon Aims for More Chinese Visitors
-Greening International Relations
-Switch Off Your Lights, Help The Planet
Lifestyle more
Cashing in on culture
-Enter the Lions
-Monastic Musings
-Robot Revolution
Double Take more
Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?
Writers give their perspectives on social media and its impact on their lives
-Why do we love
-Confronting Chronic Fatigue
-The Power of Personality
Spotlight more
-Marriage in Burundi
-Depicting Africa
-Drawing Inspiration from China
Science and Technology more
-Test Tube Miracles
-Top Gong for H-Bomb Scientist
-Breathe Easy
Media Watch more
-November 2015
-October 2015
-September 2015
News Roundup more
-November 2015
-October 2015
-September 2015
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